On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Bruce A. Mah wrote:

> [...]
> There are two disadvantages to going this route.  I think they're
> fairly minor:
> 1.  Generating a set of release notes requires the DocBook toolchain
>     to be built, as well as the doc/ subtree.  Note that RELNOTESng
>     will have absolutely no effect on the buildworld/installworld
>     procedure.
> defaulting to off.  Once the bugs have been shaken out, I'll make
> RELNOTESng the default and stop maintaining the *.TXT files. Eventually,
> the *.TXT files will get removed.

Perhaps the *.TXT files could be periodically regenerated to their 
current location to 1) avoid a POLA violation and 2) allow for at
least some RELNOTES without needing DocBook and doc/ (even if they
may be slightly out of date).

Just an idea..


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