> It is inconceivable that the proposed patch to 'xargs' would
> increase your running time.  I don't mean the standard '-I'
> change, which would certainly destroy performance, but the
> proposed patch to 'xargs' which solves your specific problem
> in a general way.
> I'm still curious as to why you think the proposed change to
> xargs will cause you ANY performance problem.  I simply can
> not imagine where you would get a performance problem from
> the -Y idea (though I'm still tempted to change the letter
> for that proposed option).

I suspect that the bulk of the readers of this thread weren't paying 

To summarise, the actual patch that Dima wrote made

  blah | xargs -Y {} cp {} somedir

work as expected, replacing {} with as much of stdin as will fit.
It was then suggested that

#! /bin/sh
shift 2
exec "$cmd" "$@" "$last"

would solve the problem and the only argument against it was that ENV 
could corrupt the script and induce an E2BIG.  I didn't consider that 
argument strong enough, so I stepped out - that's why I'm not writing 
this email.

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