aIn message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "John W. De Boskey" writes:
:    I must say at this point, I tend to agree with him. Basically,
: my review request was skipped over and folks simply went on to
: discuss/argue the merits/demerits of various patchs to xargs. The
: question of whether xargs is appropriate and maintains adequate
: performance for my particular process seems to have been left on
: the roadside...
:    I hope I haven't rambled to much. And again, thanks for taking
: the time to respond.

We didn't pass over your patches, but instead pointed out where a more
general solution was possible.  Often times this ahs happened for
features that people suggest.  If we just add it to cp, then we'll
have to support it forever and it will be yet another difference that
we have in our system that will cause problems for other people.

So despite what jkh is saying, I'd not commit it.


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