On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 09:58:43AM -0700, Bruce A. Mah wrote:
> This problem (which I agree is valid) is not so much a problem as to 
> where the release notes live, but the fact that one needs to actually 
> build human-readable renderings of them.  If people can't be bothered 
> to install the docproj port and the doc/ tree to get release notes 
> living in src/, putting the release notes in doc/ sure isn't going to 
> help.  It's trivial to put the release notes for -RELEASE versions up 
> (the Web site does this already), and Dima thinks it's possible to do 
> this for -CURRENT too (and -STABLE if and when it's applicable).

I think this, as a whole, is a non-problem.  It's trivial to script a
daily build of the release notes and mirror it to the FTP site (and/or
include it in the twice daily build of the web site).

> Putting the release notes in doc/ means that the src/ committers (who I 
> just *barely* got now to make changes to the release notes) are going 
> to have to chase through parts of the doc/ hierarchy.  I'm pretty sure 
> I'm going to lose the few converts I've won if I let people talk me 
> into this.

True, true.

> > Also, if we want to put these on the website then it means that anyone
> > doing so will need to have checked out www/, doc/, and src/release/
> > trees.
> I got the impression that this would not be hard.  They don't need to 
> have all of src/ checked out, and if enough people complain about it, we 
> can probably make another module which is just the RELNOTESng part of 
> src/release.

I think that would be a definite requirement.  We could even make
release/ a top level directory, alongside src/, doc/, and ports/.

> > Could this come under doc/, and either have a CVS branch for RELENG_4
> > for just the release notes directory hierarchy, or I could start work on
> > the osrel{min,max,in} attribute support code again. . .
> Can it come under doc/?  Sure.  Do I think it's the right thing?  No.
> I don't like the idea of having one part of doc/ branched and another 
> part not (especially when the part that's not branched lives higher in 
> the directory hierarchy).  

I don't either (just because I suggest something doesn't mean I always
think it's the best way).

At the end of the day, you're the guy doing the work. . .

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