Sorry for late reply.

bmah> My first reaction is, "is doing doc.1 *that* much of a problem"?  When 
bmah> I was testing, it didn't seem like building this consumed much time or 
bmah> disk space compared to the rest of the make release process (i.e. 
bmah> building world and several kernels).  A checked-out doc/ is 37 MB.

It takes long to fetch all distfiles for docproj ports. Sometimes they
are updated. Sometimes they can't fetch. Sometimes text/docproj can't
build (we can't build textproc/jade _now_, since PATCHFILES are already
outdated, its path is old, and is still offline :-)
speaking of textproc/jade, it's easy to fix and I've already have a
patch but not yet tested).

For ordinally make-build/installworld users, how many people
understands that they should install textproc/docproj _only_ for
making their plaintext relnotes? Most of them don't need SGML->whatever
converter for other situations.

If installing textproc/docproj is essential for getting all documents
in src/, it should not be a port (src/contrib will be their friends);
if it's not essential, a port is ok. And in my opinion, relnotes are
tightly associated with src/ components just like src/UPDATING.


Maybe all of my concerns is that "getting relnotes (formatting is not
a problem; plaintext will be easy, but I don't argue that the only
version is PDF) without having some processing/compilation (installing
some ports, type 'make' command, etc)."

If generating relnotes are _optional_ (Makefiles don't _enforce_ us to
install textproc/docproj for all machines which run "make buildworld"
or "make release"), it's ok if somebody's generated version (format is
not the matter; plaintext, HTML, PDF, anything) of relnotes are
avaliable via ftp, web, or any protocols of the Internet at any time.

-- -

P.S.: I'm totally agree with RENOTESng system. It'll help to improve
the project and the quality of document itself. But please keep some
rooms for lazy guys (like me) who refuses to change their style :-)

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