If memory serves me right, Dima Dorfman wrote:

> On a slightly related note, do you object, or
> have plans to, build the release notes with the web site?  It would
> solve this problem very nicely.

Hi Dima--

No objections, but no plans right now either.  Mostly because I don't 
know enough about the Web site build.  Got any ideas?  :-)

I'm not sure if it will *solve* the problem, but at least it will 
allevitate it somewhat.  And it's aesthetically more pleasing to me (if 
that counts for anything).

Note that this is a fairly new capability...we currently don't have a 
link for -CURRENT or 4-STABLE release notes.  There might be some 
issues with this although I can't think of any off-hand.

> I understand that relnotes will be in
> src/, so this would have to be an optional part of the build, but at
> least having them built on www.freebsd.org would suffice.

Yeah, it should be optional.  The thing-that-generates-the-Web-pages 
would need the src/release/ module (somewhere in its filesystem, not 
necessarily in /usr/src/release), plus doc/.  RELNOTESng doesn't need a 
complete src/.


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