> > The only reference to isalnum() I see is in boot/ficl/words.c:274, and
> > appears to replace a couple of references, one to isdigit() and the
> > other to isalpha().
> > 
> > Perhaps something was omitted in the upgrade to ficl 2.05?
> It's because words.c uses <stand.h> instead of <ctype.h>, and
> <stand.h> is missing the #define for isalnum().  I imagine adding
> something like this to <stand.h> would fix it:
> #define       isalnum(c)      (isalpha(c) || isdigit(c))

Just FWIW, you can't use <ctype.h> in the loader; it's too incestuously 
entangled with the rest of libc.  I suspect that Daniel forgot to update 

I've stuck this in for now.

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