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> > #define     isalnum(c)      (isalpha(c) || isdigit(c))
> Just FWIW, you can't use <ctype.h> in the loader; it's too incestuously 
> entangled with the rest of libc.  I suspect that Daniel forgot to update 
> libstand.
> I've stuck this in for now.

Thanks.  I wish it had just stayed broken.  Running this morning's
kernel has immediately trashed my entire root filesystem.

I updated the kernel and modules and rebooted.  Double-checked
UPDATING, which assured me that the "old fsck and new kernel
interactions appear to have been fixed."  Started a make buildworld.
It hung almost immediately, in the "rm -rf /usr/obj/local0/src/i386"
step of "Rebuilding the temporary build tree".  No response to the
keyboard, no response to pings.  It wouldn't escape into DDB, and
there were no messages of any kind.

Upon rebooting, fsck complained about many unexpected soft-updates
inconsistencies and other problems.  By the time it had finished
having its way with me, I was left with nothing but "/lost+found".

It's a single-CPU system, SCSI disks, nothing special.  Obviously I
can't give you the kernel config file or dmesg output at this point.

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