>Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 13:23:52 -0700 (PDT)
>From: John Polstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
>Mike Smith  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> > #define    isalnum(c)      (isalpha(c) || isdigit(c))

Actually, following the lead of the definition of isalpha(), the version
I used had the last term of the disjunction wrapped in parens.  I
suppose there may be some pathological cases where that could be
significant.  :-}

But inserting that definition of isalnum() into
/usr/src/lib/libstand/stand.h allowed the build of today's -CURRENT to
succeed for me.

>> Just FWIW, you can't use <ctype.h> in the loader; it's too incestuously 
>> entangled with the rest of libc.  I suspect that Daniel forgot to update 
>> libstand.

Thanks for the insight as to why that is....

>Thanks.  I wish it had just stayed broken.  Running this morning's
>kernel has immediately trashed my entire root filesystem.

Given the fore-warning you provided, I was a little more cautious than
usual:  after mergemaster completed, I first booted single-user, did a
manual "fsck -p".  No weirdnesses found.  (More on config stuff below.)
Then I did a (manual) "mount -a"; again, nothing strange.  So I
rebooted, allowing the system to come up multi-user as usual.  No
problems observed.

>I updated the kernel and modules and rebooted.  Double-checked
>UPDATING, which assured me that the "old fsck and new kernel
>interactions appear to have been fixed."  Started a make buildworld.
>It hung almost immediately, in the "rm -rf /usr/obj/local0/src/i386"
>step of "Rebuilding the temporary build tree".  No response to the
>keyboard, no response to pings.  It wouldn't escape into DDB, and
>there were no messages of any kind.

Blecch.  :-(

>Upon rebooting, fsck complained about many unexpected soft-updates
>inconsistencies and other problems.  By the time it had finished
>having its way with me, I was left with nothing but "/lost+found".

Urggh.  Sympathy.  :-(

I haven't tried a "make buildworld" yet -- I'd normally do that after
updating my sources, and after the problem with isalnum(), I had

CVSup started from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sat Apr 28 03:47:00 PDT 2001
CVSup ended from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sat Apr 28 03:54:18 PDT 2001
CVSup started from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sun Apr 29 03:47:00 PDT 2001
CVSup ended from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sun Apr 29 03:53:14 PDT 2001
CVSup started from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sun Apr 29 10:00:22 PDT 2001
CVSup ended from cvsup14.freebsd.org at Sun Apr 29 10:06:31 PDT 2001

and did the "cvs update" in the /usr/src I use for -CURRENT.

>It's a single-CPU system, SCSI disks, nothing special.  Obviously I
>can't give you the kernel config file or dmesg output at this point.

On my side, I'm using my laptop -- single-CPU, single IDE drive;
everything mounted with soft updates turned on.  It's set up to boot any
of 3 (FreeBSD) environments (so an FS that's root for one would be
mounted elsewhere for others, which is one of the reasons I have soft
updates on everywhere).

Hope your system is recovered soon,
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