On  3 Mai, Jens Schweikhardt wrote:

> # > However, as soon as I do a find / or buildworld or some other
> # > commands increasing the load significantly (about 1 or more),
> # > isdnd seems to take a nap. No more packets transmitted. If I
> # > suspend the running programs, isdnd awakes and continues.
> # > Is anybody else observing the same behavior?
> # 
> # Not with my Apr 29 kernel (no rtprio keyword in isdnd.rc), at least I
> # didn't noticed it.
> # 
> # BTW: What about dial-on-demand?
> Still ok. I have rtprio 25 (as from the isdnd.rc.sample, should I tune this?
> Remove the line?) in my isdnd.rc and this at the end of /etc/rc.isdn:

I think Hellmuth choosed a good value for rtprio, and I didn't think it
solves your problem if you increase the value, but feel free to play a
little bit with it (I think isdnd slowes down because of a lot of
interrupts, and if I didn't have a wrong understanding of the system,
rtprio didn't helps in this case).

> echo 'removing previous isp0 config'
> ifconfig isp0 delete -link1 down
> echo 'setting sppp options'
> ispppcontrol isp0 myauthproto=pap myauthname=xxxxxxxx myauthsecret=xxxxxxxx 
>hisauthproto=none callin
> echo 'configuring isp0'
> ifconfig isp0 netmask 0xffffffff link1 2>/dev/null

What's your defaultroute? I use "-interface isp1".

BTW: I use /etc/start_if.isp1 to configure the interface, no need to
modify rc.isdn, e.g.:
(11) root@ttyp0 # less /etc/start_if.isp1 
ifconfig isp1 link1 netmask
ispppcontrol isp1 $(cat /etc/isdn/connect-CBC.parameters) enable-vj
ifconfig isp1 down

While we're at it, maybe someone wants to commit something like this:
--- /usr/src/etc/rc.isdn        Sat Apr 28 14:49:22 2001
+++ /etc/rc.isdn        Sun Apr 29 15:37:04 2001
@@ -38,6 +38,23 @@
        echo -n 'ISDN subsystem setup:'
+       # Terminal type for fullscreen mode, default to syscons driver
+       #
+       if [ ! -n "${isdn_ttype}" ]; then
+               isdn_ttype=cons25
+       fi
+       if [ -n "${isdn_screenflags}" ]; then
+               /usr/sbin/vidcontrol < ${isdn_fsdev} > ${isdn_fsdev} 2>&1 
+       fi
+       # Check for pcvt driver (VT100/VT220 emulator)
+       #
+       if [ -x /usr/sbin/ispcvt ]; then
+               if /usr/sbin/ispcvt; then
+                       isdn_ttype=pcvt25
+               fi
+       fi
        case ${isdn_flags} in
(I think the isdn_ttype part isn't needed anymore, someone committed
something like this already, but the screenflags part is useful for me)


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