>Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 19:16:44 +0200
>From: Szilveszter Adam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> > Built -CURRENT & rebooted after mergemaster as usual, and some X
>> > applications (xbattbar; xlockmore; oclock) work OK, but no xterm.  At
>> > least, not from X (XF86-4.0.3).  I tried using Ctl-Alt-F2 to get to
>> > a non-X login, logged in , set DISPLAY to m147:0.0, issued "xterm &",
>> > and got an xterm OK.

>> Known problem.  phk changed the semantics of /dev/tty in the most recent
>> commits.  Traditional behavior for a process *without* a controlling tty
>> when it opens /dev/tty is to get ENXIO.

>I am confused now. I have just finished building and installing world and
>kernel from top-of-the-tree sources:


>and I am (for the first time ever) a proud owner of a devfs-powered FreeBSD
>system. So far things are looking A-OK. 


>Having read about all the trouble people were having with xterms, I grew a
>bit anxious and fired up X. It crashed because the config file contained
>/dev/mouse and that node no longer exists, but of course correcting it to
>/dev/sysmouse made things work.

What I did was add

ln -fs /dev/sysmouse /dev/mouse

to /etc/rc.devfs, and that part no longer was a problem.

>Then... I proceeded to open an xterm... and
>it opened! Just right-clicked the root window and chose xterm form the
>popup menu and it worked without any patch... although I am confident I do
>have the latest of phk-s commits and I am running on a new kernel... I am
>using XFree-3.3.6 and olvwm if that at all counts... of course I am happy
>to see no problems but why are others seeing them?

How are you starting X?  Based on Peter's analysis, I'd expect that if
you use "startx" or "xinit" after logging in, it should still work...
because you would still have a controlling tty (I think).

In my case, I'm using XFree86-4 (required for the hardware I use), so I
start up X via xdm, so there's no controlling tty.

Then again, I may have a penchant for breaking things....  :-}

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