> On Wed, 16 May 2001, Warner Losh wrote:
> > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Ruslan Ermilov writes:
> > : FWIW, my gross hack to usr.sbin/kbdcontrol also worked:
> > 
> > I tend to dislike adding ../../sys to the includes list since they
> > might not be compatible with the host's sys files used to build libc.
> I'd like to remove all the existing ones.  They are a hack to handle
> the case where you haven't bootstrapped properly.  They intentionally
> give <sys> includes which may be incompatible with the host ones, in
> case the host ones are out of date relative to the src tree.  This
> depends on only a few headers like <sys/user.h> being out of date,
> and sometimes helps mainly for headers like <sys/user.h> which declare
> system structures that are groped in by userland.  But it is just a
> bug in general.

I have -I../../sys in src/usr.sbin/digictl/Makefile.

I put it there because the digi ioctl interface header isn't actually 
installed anywhere.  There's no good reason for this except that I 
couldn't think of a good place (/usr/include/sys/digi/ ?).  I cribbed 
the idea from the vinum(8) build.

How should this be done - and where should I install digiio.h if 
that's what's required ?


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