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For anyone that's reading -arch and hasn't seen this on -current, the 
thread is discussing userland sources that have -I../../sys in their 
Makefile and then #include <sys/dev/blahio.h>.

I think everyone agrees that these headers should be made public, the 
question is ``where to put them ?''.

Warner wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Brian
> Somers writes:
> : Solaris calls it's ioctl files /usr/include/sys/<driver>_io.h so I'd 
> : spell digiio.h /usr/include/sys/digi_io.h.
> Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like putting it in
> /usr/include/sys/fooio.h.  We have lots of other files there now.  The
> down side to this approach is that it breaks up the driver sources
> that we've been trying to concentrate into sys/dev/foo/* (or
> introduces asymetry such that you can't just toss in a -I/sys and have
> the same tree that gets stuck under /usr/include).

The SHARED variable in src/include/Makefile makes this side of things 
tricky too - we've got to be careful that we either keep our sources 
together and maintain a resemblance of the hierarchy in /usr/include 
or split our sources.

When I was working on Solaris I found it better to have the *io.h 
files in sys (separate from the driver) as it made it very clear that 
it was a public interface - the driver lived somewhere that just got 
built into a module and wasn't seen by the outside world.

So I think I'd tend to vote (FWIW) for moving digiio.h (and other 
similar things) out of sys/dev/<drivername>/ and into sys/sys/.

Comments ?

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