On 31-May-01 David O'Brien wrote:
> On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 12:54:26PM -0700, John Baldwin wrote:
>> >> Lock of struct filedesc, file, pgrp, session and sigio is now ready
>> >> for testing.
>> >> 
>> >> The patch is at
>> >> 
>> >> http://people.FreeBSD.org/~tanimura/patches/fd_pgrp.diff.gz
>> > 
>> > Compiled on Alpha?
>> I think that's what he means by "testing". :)  I.e., he's ready for
>> people to compile it and report problems, etc.
> Committers do not need Alpha users to verify that a patch compiles,
> Beast.freebsd.org can be used for that.   Testing on a running system is
> of course a different matter.

It doesn't hurt to help distribute the load some, though.  Requiring each
person who makes a change to compile it on every possible arch is not something
that will scale as more and more archs are added.  If a committer can get
someone else to perform some of these test compiles and fix any brokenness that
comes up I think that is adequate.


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