Jonathan Smith wrote:
> That's good enough. :)  Thanks....
> Maybe _that_ will keep that ata code from over-riding
> the bios to disable dma (or maybe the bios just wasn't
> doing it's job right ;)

This won't work.

Someone was having the same problem the other day, and
I suggested the same soloution, but after probe, the
damn driver enabled UDMA at attach time anyway.

So we removed it from the kernel config... and the damn
thing enabled it again.

I don't know if the #ifdef was intended to only guard
in the boot case, but it doesn't help, because there
are several missign guards around the code, if that's
the case, and at least four places in the code ignore
the tuning variable, as well, if it isn't commented
out of the kernel at build time (thus disabling one of
the places).

Look for the #ifdef, and then look for the function
call to do the enable, and the problem will be obvious.

-- Terry

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