I was looking at PR/9233 from Dec 1998 the other day, and I saw that
the version of libgmp thats included in the base-system seems to be
very outdated (version 2.x in our tree, while version 3.x is available
at the homepage of libgmp).

After discussing this with [EMAIL PROTECTED] about it through mail, I
started looking through the sources to see where libgmp is used.  It
may be a false impression of mine, but in the -STABLE sources that I
checked, I didn't seem to find anyone in the base-system `using'
libgmp.  I tried grepping through the entire /usr/src to find one
place except for contrib/libgmp that seems to be using functions from
libgmp (I was looking for functions that matched "\<mp[.]*_.*").

I dont seem to be able to find some part of the base system that
actually *does* use libgmp.  Being out of date as it is, do you think
it's proper to remove it from the base system and make it a port?

/me ducks to save his head from the flames


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