Steve Kargl wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 05:48:48AM +0300, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> > 
> > I dont seem to be able to find some part of the base system that
> > actually *does* use libgmp.  Being out of date as it is, do you think
> > it's proper to remove it from the base system and make it a port?
> > 
> It is a port.  See ports/math/libgmp3.  Note also that libmp depends
> on sources from libgmp.
> kargl[219] find . -name Makefile | xargs grep lmp
> ./kerberosIV/libexec/telnetd/Makefile:          -L${KRBOBJDIR} -lkrb -lcrypt 
    -lcom_err -lmp ${MINUSLPAM}
> ./kerberosIV/usr.bin/telnet/Makefile:           -L${KRBOBJDIR} -lkrb -lcrypt 
    -lcom_err -lmp -lipsec ${MINUSLPAM}
> ./secure/libexec/telnetd/Makefile:              -lcrypt -lmp ${MINUSLPAM}
> ./secure/usr.bin/telnet/Makefile:LDADD=         -ltermcap ${LIBTELNET} -lcryp
    to -lcrypt -lmp \
> ./usr.bin/chkey/Makefile:LDADD= -lrpcsvc -lmp -lgmp
> ./usr.bin/newkey/Makefile:LDADD=        -lrpcsvc -lmp -lgmp
> ./usr.sbin/keyserv/Makefile:LDADD=      -lmp -lrpcsvc
> kargl[220] find . -name Makefile | xargs grep lgmp
> ./usr.bin/chkey/Makefile:LDADD= -lrpcsvc -lmp -lgmp
> ./usr.bin/newkey/Makefile:LDADD=        -lrpcsvc -lmp -lgmp

It should not be too hard to have build a lightweight 'libbignum' that
is extracted from the openssl sources and make that available in the base
system.  It would not be hard to convert the lib*mp consumers to use the
libbignum (libbn, -lbn ?) and then we can get rid of it.

telnet* should never have used libmp in the first place, it should have
used libcrypto/bignum.  chkey/newkey/keyserv are using libmp for
diffie-helmann key exchange.  (just large integer multiplication).  It
should be really easy to convert those three.

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