On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 11:48:41AM -0400, Joseph A. Mallett wrote:
> > If we do need some of the functionality of libgmp in the base-system,
> > then we really should import some newer version of libgmp, instead of
> > trying to make our own new library.  I dont really like reinventing
> > wheels :)
> Unless you are the one charged with doing the work, you shouldn't complain
> about the circumstances of the job. If someone wants to implement
> something which already exists with a good reason for doing so, let them.
> It can't hurt.
> Honestly, the odds that you would end up doing this, are NULL. Giving
> concise reasons as to why it doesn't need replaced would be nice, rather
> than "why not bring in more vendor code".

You can replace each use of libgmp with the BIGNUM's in the openssl
libraries. OpenBSD did this long ago in order to remove libgmp from
their code base.

If no one else wants to write the code then I'd be happy to do so. Its
not really all that hard to do.

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