would you mind resubmitting a patch for the version of
"picobsd" i committed this morning, also keeping in mind the

* it would be better to define a variable, say MD, which holds
  the string "vn" or "md", and is used in accessing the memory
  device, so we have mostly the same script working on both current
  and stable with just a one-line change.

* you are recursively gzipping files in /etc now, so you should
  also modify the mfs_tree/etc/rc script which decompresses things;
  This might be annoying as gzip is unable to recurse in a
  directory tree.

* re. the CONFIG variable... it does not seem to give problem with
  the version i committed this morning. I think there was a bug
  in the previous commit, but now it should be ok.

* i am not sure the way you handle arguments is correct, from your
  patch it appears that you ignore THETYPE (first argument) if there
  are not two arguments. This is wrong, the second argument is optional.

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