> * Do we want NO_SWAPPING on or off in PicoBSD?
>   I understand that many PicoBSD devices do not have swapspace.
>   However, my understand of -current is that we do require 
>   swapping to work well.

given that in the vast majority of cases you don't have a choice...

> * Do we want SOFTUPDATES?

same as above. who cares, the memory fs is mostly readonly,
and secondary storage is generally unavailable.

> * Statically compiling device.hints seems to be awkward.

if i am not mistaken, it is the bootloader which should read
the hints, but in picobsd there is no bootloader, so we have
no other choice. I doubt this is a big issue, anyways, most
hardware is PnP these days.

flexibility is good, but reality (with its constraints)  comes first :)


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