On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 06:18:47PM +0200, Luigi Rizzo scribbled:
| would you mind resubmitting a patch for the version of
| "picobsd" i committed this morning, also keeping in mind the
| following:
| * it would be better to define a variable, say MD, which holds
|   the string "vn" or "md", and is used in accessing the memory
|   device, so we have mostly the same script working on both current
|   and stable with just a one-line change.
| * you are recursively gzipping files in /etc now, so you should
|   also modify the mfs_tree/etc/rc script which decompresses things;
|   This might be annoying as gzip is unable to recurse in a
|   directory tree.
| * re. the CONFIG variable... it does not seem to give problem with
|   the version i committed this morning. I think there was a bug
|   in the previous commit, but now it should be ok.
| * i am not sure the way you handle arguments is correct, from your
|   patch it appears that you ignore THETYPE (first argument) if there
|   are not two arguments. This is wrong, the second argument is optional.

I have more questions regarding this:

* Do we want NO_SWAPPING on or off in PicoBSD?
  I understand that many PicoBSD devices do not have swapspace.
  However, my understand of -current is that we do require 
  swapping to work well.

* Do we want SOFTUPDATES?

* Statically compiling device.hints seems to be awkward.
  Perhaps we should be using a customized /boot/device.hints.
  This way, many devices can be disabled or enabled easily
  without recompiling PicoBSD/xxxx version
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