At 2:42 PM +0200 6/22/01, Georg-W. Koltermann wrote:
>with current as of June 20 I can no longer print to a remote printer.
>Syslog says "filter 'f' exited (retcode=108)".
>I added a "set -x" to the filter which is a shell program, and sure
>enough the last action it does is an "exit 0".  So the problem must
>be somewhere in lpd.

Hmm.  I assume you're using "stock lpd" (the standard system version),
and not some port like lprNG?

Which platform are you running on?  (i386 or Alpha)

Is the filter one that you wrote, or is it from one of the ports?
What does the filter do?

When was the last time you had sync'ed up with current?

While there have been some changes to lpd in the past month, there
shouldn't be any that would alter this section of the code.  The
big one was the cleanup/ansi-fication one, but that did not change
the object code at all.

What does the printcap entry for your printer look like?

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