Sorry, I was offline for a while (broke my leg).  I am now recovering
and slowly catching up.  The laptop which had this problem won't be
back on the ethernet for another two weeks, so I won't be able to do
more testing.  And maybe, since so much time has passed, I'd better
CVSup and try again.

Anyway, here are the answers to your questions:

At Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:55:26 -0400,
Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 2:42 PM +0200 6/22/01, Georg-W. Koltermann wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >with current as of June 20 I can no longer print to a remote printer.
> >Syslog says "filter 'f' exited (retcode=108)".
> >
> >I added a "set -x" to the filter which is a shell program, and sure
> >enough the last action it does is an "exit 0".  So the problem must
> >be somewhere in lpd.
> Hmm.  I assume you're using "stock lpd" (the standard system version),
> and not some port like lprNG?

Stock lpd, correct.

> Which platform are you running on?  (i386 or Alpha)


> Is the filter one that you wrote, or is it from one of the ports?
> What does the filter do?

It's a filter that I copied and edited a long while ago.  It's based
on some example in the handbook, I believe, and it checks if the
printfile is PostScript.  It then passes the PostScript file through
GhostScript, or passes the non-PostScript file directly to the

> When was the last time you had sync'ed up with current?

A couple of days before my report (around 6/15 to 6/18).

It all worked flawlessly up to the last CVSup, and then broke.

> While there have been some changes to lpd in the past month, there
> shouldn't be any that would alter this section of the code.

Yes, that was my impression after looking at the CVS log.

Thanks for caring, I will come back when I am completely online (at
work), if the problem still exists after a fresh CVSup.


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