* Seigo Tanimura <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010711 19:08] wrote:
> The patch and the results of build test are now on the web page.
> The discussion of ktrace(2) problem does not cover the solution of
> BSD/OS, so it needs updating.

Here's some more commentary and a pointer to some work done.

This is just about completely file locking related,
however I do have a question about PGRP locking, in
a certain part you may have to lock two pgrps, how do you
deal with deadlock?

should FHOLD returned fp.
should actually be turned into "holdvnode" (implicit VREF) to do
reference holding. (later)

ibcs2_getdents(), ibcs2_statfs(), __acl_get_fd, __acl_set_fd,
__acl_aclcheck_fd(), __acl_delete_fd()
 depends on getvnode doing FHOLD, once done needs fdrop() added

Certain operations, such as:
  kq = (struct kqueue *)fp->f_data;
should not really require that the file be locked, it's implicitly frozen
at creation time (i think)

Work is here, it's a diff relative to FreeBSD-current + your patch.


-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Ok, who wrote this damn function called '??'?
And why do my programs keep crashing in it?

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