On Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:03:40 +0900,
  Seigo Tanimura <tanimura> said:

>>> >> I'm going to be giving this code some testing, not that you have to
>>> >> wait for me to finish, but it seems like no one has stepped forward
>>> >> to review this.  I'd like to see it committed, so either go ahead
>>> >> or wait for my review if it makes you more comfortable.
>>> >> 
>>> >> Since I was working on the filedesc stuff I'll take a shot at reviewing
>>> >> it, by way of the diff it looks somewhat ok, I just want to make sure
>>> >> you're getting the fhold/fdrop stuff right.
Alfred> There's a merged diff here:
Alfred> http://people.freebsd.org/~alfred/pg_fd2.diff
>>> It is rather hard for me to dig up what you merged out of that
>>> patch. Could you please give me unmerged one?

Alfred> What I did was try to merge the work you've done into the latest
Alfred> -current, it didn't work out too well.  Perhaps you can remerge
Alfred> it and pass it to me for testing?

Seigo> I have already begun merging -current an hour ago. It would take
Seigo> another 3-4 hours to test builing kernels, so could you please be
Seigo> patient until the latest one gets ready to go?

The patch and the results of build test are now on the web page.

The discussion of ktrace(2) problem does not cover the solution of
BSD/OS, so it needs updating.


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