Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Terry Lambert writes:
> : Warner Losh wrote:
> : > : The problem with this is drivers that can't share
> : > : interrupts because there is no way to ask the hardware
> : > : which of several devices caused the interrupt.  This
> : > : means that it's an attribute of the driver, not the
> : > : bus, so having the bus do this automatically would not
> : > : be correct.
> : >
> : > Give me an example of hardware that does this.  I know of
> : > no devices in the tree that do this....
> :
> : LANCE Ethernet?
> So what happens when you lose an interrupt for one of these devices?
> Does life suck?

Big time.  The only way it can be probed is to poke
it in the eye, and get the interrupt back saying it's
there.  Lose that interrupt, and you lose your network

Going to be fun for the SPARC folks, too...

I kind of wish Bill Paul had written the driver; he has
the most colorful things to say about arcane hardware.


-- Terry

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