In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mike Smith writes:
: > Actually, there is a reason.  Ata is special like pcic is special.
: > Both of them can have multiple interrupt routing methods.  When ata is
: > connected directly to the south bridge, it can route ISA interrupts,
: > even though it is a pci device.  In this case, it is unsafe to share
: > interrupts between the ata device and anything else.  Even though it
: > looks like a pci device, the interrupt routing is ISA.
: This just reinforces what I said; shareability has nothing to do with the 
: driver, and everything to do with where the interrupts come *from*.


: > Cardbus bridges in laptops have the same problems.  And it is looking
: > like we can't just use the pcibios to route the interrupts on some
: > older machines so we have to have some way to say "use isa interrupts
: > for this device."  That's a big pain for cardbus bridges because many
: > of them would really like to be pci devices so you can relocate memory
: > out of the ISA hole, etc.
: There's no reason they can't be PCI devices, but using interrupts from 
: ISA. 

No reason except that the current pci code always will try to route
pci interrupts and never acts as a simple pass through.


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