At 11:18 PM -0700 7/17/01, Peter Wemm wrote:
>If I had to guess, I'd put the total [genuine] -current userbase
>at between 20 and 50 people.  And many of those intentionally lag
>by a few weeks to a month or two.

At the kernel-confab at usenix, I heard some people talking about
how "current wasn't really as bad as people assume it is".  I must
admit I wonder how much current is actively used.  I know I try
to build a new up-to-date current every two or three weeks, but I
don't do much more on it than test a few changes.  I am certainly
not "stress-testing" it.  Almost all of my real day-to-day work is
done on machines which are tracking -stable.

I have no profound comment to follow that up with, other than I'm
surprised that someone would think there are only 50 people who
are "really running" current.  I'm going to ask around a bit more.

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