>Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 02:48:10 -1000 (HST)
>From: Vincent Poy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>       With a July 18, 2001 sources, it seems like the kernel hands at
>the entropy harvesting stage.... ctrl-t shows:

>load : 098 cmd : sycctl  51 [running] 4.51u 210.37s 0% 172k

>        It will just sit there forever until ctrl-c is hit.  Anyone knows
>what's wrong?  Thanks.

This was discussed (to some extent) aboust a week & a half ago in -current.
It seems (pointed out by Alexander Leidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)
that -- for some of us, at least -- "sysctl -a" (used in the entropy
harvesting by /etc/rc -- fails to terminate.

Also (again, for me) "sysctl -N -a" outputs a (non-terminating) stream of


lines using my (slightly customized) kernel, but with GENERIC, it exhibits
similar behavior, but outputs a stream of



Unfortunately, I'm not sufficiently clueful to figure out how the notion
of what sysctls exist on the system could get so confused as to do that.

Given the behavior, though, my current (wild) guess is that some code is
stomping on a data structure in a somewhat configuration-dependent way.

Clues would be quite welcome....

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