The error means that your machine crashed with soft-updates enabled, 
leaving 14 blocks and 3 files still allocated on disk (using up 
blocks & inodes).

If the error keeps turning up, I would guess that you have a 0 or 
empty fsck field in /etc/fstab and fsck -s therefore not fixing the 

To fix it, correct fstab and run fsck -B.

> I've never had this before, and I have traced the message to ufs/ffs/ffs_vnops.c on 
>line 634.
> I have recently noticed [since my last svsup] that this is happening on boot and 
>shutdown [in which case, the messasge is also in
> the same file, but for umount conditions].
> I am not a filesystem expert..  How concerned should I be?
> This is -current a week or two old [before all the lockup threads began]...
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