> On 02-Aug-01 Sheldon Hearn wrote:
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> > 
> > On Thu, 02 Aug 2001 09:33:41 MST, John Baldwin wrote:
> > 
> >> I get these messages when I reboot or crash before the background
> >> fsck finishes sometimes.  Sometimes I get them when the filesystems
> >> are clean, too.  They always happen when the previous boot did a
> >> background fsck, however.
> > 
> > Then you're not seeing the whole problem. :-)
> > 
> > As I said, I'm not using background fsck any more and have had several
> > fsck runs report the filesystem as clean since I turned it off.
> Hmm, "any more".  I didn't see them at all until I started using background
> fsck.  *shrug*  I get them all the time though myself.  I thought they were a
> "feature" of background fsck.  Perhaps they aren't. :(

Maybe fsck is failing to clean your filesystem or something ?  A boot 
-s followed by a successful fsck should get rid of them.

I was seeing them at Usenix and mentioned it to Kirk.  He explained 
their nature -- ie, you've just got some blocks and inodes marked in 
use that shouldn't be.

Or maybe these numbers are the only thing corrupt about your fs.... 
so they're not being re-written after fsck finishes ???

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