Mike Smith schrieb:
> > acpi0: <GBT    AWRDACPI> on motherboard
> > acpi0: power button is handled as a fixed feature programming model.
> > acpi_timer0: timer test in progress, reboot to quit.
> > acpi_timer0: timer is not monotonic: 0x1d52ab49,0x1d52ab4f,0x1d52ab4e
> > acpi_timer0: timer is not monotonic: 0x1d52ab4f,0x1d52ab4e,0x1d5b89ea
> Excellent.  I'll try to get something sorted out about this tonight.
> How long does it take before it prints the first message there?

The messages are printed out almost immediately, but only if I don't set
any of CLK_USE_*_CALIBRATION in my configuration. There will be only one
step backwards (the longest time waiting was ~ 1 minute. In the case of
CLK_USE_*_CALIBRATION defined I waited 10 minutes but got no output).


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