> > Ok.  I'm going to revert to the "safe" read code in a few minutes.
> > 
> > Can you update and let me know if you're still wildly off?  I'm having a
> > hard time believing that your timer is really running at double pace, but
> > I guess anything is possible.  If it still does, I'll add some code to
> > check it with the TSC.
> Hmm, just did the update
> unset debug.acpi.disable="timer"
> but the error is still there.

Meaning no offense, but I read a lot of mail.  Can you please keep your 
problem reports specific?

(ie.  which bloody error?)


> Maybe I'm just having a buggy ACPI implementation (remember, BIOS is from
> '99)

Could be, though we're talking hardware here. It's possible that we'll 
just have to blacklist your timer. 8(  Can you give me the ALi chip 
number(s) again, and I'll go look for datasheets...


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