Hello Nakayama-san,

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 23:28:39 +0900
::>>> Mike Smith wrote:
::> I've just committed a slightly different patch, based on a mix of your 
::> ideas and mine (mostly yours).  Can you test the -current code, and let 
::> me know what I broke this time?  8)
::As  haro wrote, acpi_pcib.c rev1.11 + neckpain's patch does work
::on my machine too. But rev1.12 cause panic while booting on my 
::PCG-C1VSX/K (NEWCARD + acpica).

New patch was posted by [EMAIL PROTECTED] for rev1.12 on -current.
My PCG-Z505V/BP booted fine with the new patch.

Have a try with it.

 Hope this helps,
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