> > > 1. Acpica modules hangs in
> > >     AcpiRsCalculateByteStreamLength() called from
> > >     AcpiRsCreateByteStream() called from
> > >     AcpiRsSetSrsMethodData() called from
> > >     AcpiSetCurrentResources() from somewhere in acpi_pcib.c .
> > >
> > >     The hang itself occurs at LinkedList->Id == 9 and LinkedList->Length 
> == 0
> > > .
> >
> > Can you replace &crsbuf with crsbuf in acpi_pcib.c at line 484?
> > I think I should be passing a pointer to the buffer, not a pointer to a
> > pointer.
> There's no &crsbuf in line 484 (not in rev 1.10, nor 1.11).
> Assuming you're talking about the one in line 478, it doesn't compile if you
> change it to crsbuf from &crsbuf, since crsbuf is an ACPI_BUFFER, not
> an (ACPI_BUFFER *).

Um.  Sorry about the line numbers, and yes, sorry about the confusion 
there; I just looked at it and it seemed wrong.

I'd still like to know the allocation length for that buffer though; my 
last suspicion is that it doesn't contain any resources at all, and so 
we're overrunning it when we go to try to stuff an interrupt resource 
into it.  If that's the case, it's easy to fix.  If not, then we will 
have to go hunting snarks.


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