> Hi.
> I'm running -current whose source tree was checked out as
>     TZ=UTC cvs co -D'2001-07-12' src
> on VAIO PCG-C1XE(PentiumII with 64Mbytes of RAM)
> and have some problems:
> 1. Acpica modules hangs in
>     AcpiRsCalculateByteStreamLength() called from
>     AcpiRsCreateByteStream() called from
>     AcpiRsSetSrsMethodData() called from
>     AcpiSetCurrentResources() from somewhere in acpi_pcib.c .
>     The hang itself occurs at LinkedList->Id == 9 and LinkedList->Length == 0
> .

Can you replace &crsbuf with crsbuf in acpi_pcib.c at line 484?

I think I should be passing a pointer to the buffer, not a pointer to a 

This will make the code "less wrong", but is probably still illegal 
(depending on the size of the buffer that _CRS is returning).

If you could duplicate the printf on line 396 and print crsbuf->Length
out, that would be very helpful.

Sorry for the delay.


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