Joseph Mallett wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 07:23:26PM -0500, Jim Bryant wrote:
>>DOD/DFAS, as well as DOD/DISA.
>>I find it amazing that the CIA has a more lax policy than DFAS and DISA.
> The only person I've ever talked to from the CIA was in charge of network 
> security to some degree, and according to him they can't even use FreeBSD, 
> OpenBSD, or NetBSD internally. Everything must come from a central vendor 
> and be supported by a real company, not by mailing lists.
> I'd call that less lax.

Then, I'd call it about the same.

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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