On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 04:13:52AM -0500, Jim Bryant wrote:
> from what i've read here, not many undrestand the actual mindset of the
> military when it comes to computing.
> the closest would be the guy who mentioned that since ports are on the
> CD's that they should be acceptable, this is incorrect.

You are making sweeping generalizations.  Please stop and be specific
which parts of the military.  It is correct for the CIA.

The CIA[*] will not let you bring in any download bits off the net (or
floppies containing them) to compile locally and install.  HOWEVER, if
the bits come on a CDROM from a commercial vendor, they are "OK".  So in
the FreeBSD case, packages are on the commercial 4-disc set, and thus can
be installed.  In older days for Solaris, one had to find a CD offering
from say Walnut Creek CDROM that contained precompiled versions of GNU
bits for Solaris.  Again, if it was something their purchasing could buy
from a vendor an receive it was OK.

[*] yes I did my time as a cleared Beltway Bandit

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