On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Terry Lambert wrote:

> Chris Dillon wrote:
> > Occasionally I'll have mouse sync problems when I switch between
> > FreeBSD and NT when the NT box has had difference mice (wheel vs.
> > non-wheel MS mice, apparently) used on it via the dual-user KVM
> > switch.  NT seems to handle that case fairly well by resetting the
> > PS/2 port and/or the mouse (not sure which) and redetecting the mouse
> > type.
> There is actually a Cybex-specific "Microsoft Knowledge Base"
> article which discusses the registry setting you need to pound
> on to make NT not attempt to detect the mouse wheel (FWIW).

I've found it.  This will apply to any case where you would want to
disable the wheel mouse detection in NT.  For archive purposes, here
it is:


> > FreeBSD doesn't like when NT has done that to the mouse,
> > though, and spews sync errors when I switch back.  Usually I can kill
> > moused and restart it to fix the problem.
> The 0x8000 flag fixes exactly this problem!

I see that this flag exists in -STABLE but is undocumented as of yet.
I'll give it a try.  Luckily this problem is not too common since I
rarely use the second user on the other KVM switch.

> > Hmm... I'll have to check, maybe thats why mine works.  :-)
> Little square sticker with rounded corners on the bottom, about
> 1/2" by 1/4", with just the version, e.g. "1.9"...

The 4-port OmniCube on my desk only has version 1.5, but that probably
doesn't matter (how would I upgrade it?  I have a ROM burner).  I
can't find the firmware version on my OmniView Matrix.  The only
caveat with these two KVM switches hooked together is that it is a
real PITA when I hit Scroll Lock twice to change consoles on the
remote KVM that sometimes the local KVM will see the same sequence and
think I want to change consoles on it instead.  I wish there were a
way to disable the keyboard shortcuts on the OmniCube and just use the
front-panel button.

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