Mike Smith wrote:
Takes self too seriously

> [Terry blathers]
         Warning that uncivil posting will follow shortly

> > > Surprisingly, setting "vidconsole" in the SRM didn't make
> > > my TGA work in FreeBSD.  8-p.
> 'vidconsole' is the x86 loader console driver.  Under SRM, there are no
   Repeated use of quoteing of term, despite pretense that post being
   replied to did not do the same.

> console options (because the platform doesn't give you any).

|John Baldwin writes:
| > What dance?  Works great for me.  If SRM uses serial console, so
| > does FreeBSD.  If SRM uses vidconsole, so does FreeBSD.  In fact,
                               Terminology matching term in original post

| > this is the _only_ way it can work on the Alpha since SRM just
| > gives you one console device handle and one boot device handle.
| > 
| > Have you actually used an Alpha before? :-P
                                            Humor indicator in original post

| Yes, I've used a Miata and a Multia with FreeBSD, and several
| others with DEC UNIX, and had a PC164 at one time.
| Surprisingly, setting "vidconsole" in the SRM didn't make
                        Obvious use of "finger quotes"

| my TGA work in FreeBSD.  8-p.
                           Large indicator for humor impaired people

-- Terry
   Person tired of people being mean to others on lists for no good
   reason, and with no attempt at humor to blunt criticism

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