On Tuesday, 14 August 2001 at 19:26:09 -0400, Michael Lucas wrote:
> Before I start generating crash dumps & etc., are there any gotchas
> with Vinum & -current?  I'm using devfs on a SMP system, upgraded 3
> days ago.  I get a panic whenever I stripe something.

Ah, now you say devfs.  There was a bug in devfs; I haven't checked
whether it's been fixed.  Basically, devfs as supplied in CURRENT had
a 16 character limit on device names, and it didn't understand
subdirectories: it treated the / as a part of the device name.  Vinum
device names can be much longer than 16 characters, so I changed the
limit to 96 characters on my test machine, but wasn't able to get it
to run reliably.  I've told phk about this on IRC some months ago, but
I haven't seen a commit fixing the problem.  I could have missed
something, of course.

To help localize this problem, could you please try this same thing on
a kernel without devfs?  The dump you sent me did not look like a
Vinum bug, as I said in my reply.

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