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| >The problem turns up most violently within the XFree86 DRI Module, since
| >it now uses make_dev, and not mknod as it used to.
| >
| >The DRI Module first attempts to mkdir /dev/dri/, and then for each card
| >it supports attempts to use make_dev(9) on dri/card%d (0-whatever), I've
| >only got one card, so for me dri/card0.
| It should simply make_dev() "dri/card%d", the directory is created
| by devfs on demand.  You should not mkdir("/dev/dri");

Sure, how do you tell at run time whether a system is running DEVFS or not,
and whether or not the path you want is devfs (troll mountpoints?). It's
possible to run DEVFS, but, setup a jail with a standard /dev/ isn't it?

There are going to be other things that assume that /dev/ is just another
directory and are going to try to mkdir /dev/foo. 

Bear in mind this isn't my code, I just wanted it running... d8)

I'll remove the mkdirs and leave the make_devs in and see how we go.
Are there caveats with make_dev and DEVFS e.g. it only wants relative paths
not full paths?

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