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| >| whether it's been fixed.  Basically, devfs as supplied in CURRENT had
| >| a 16 character limit on device names, and it didn't understand
| >| subdirectories: it treated the / as a part of the device name. 
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| >The subdir part bit me about a week ago, so I'd say it's still not fixed.
| This is absolutely news to me.  I'm pretty sure that you will find
| that /dev/fd[012] exists on your system and that it was created using
| '/' in make_dev calls...

This I saw, but, I had no idea how this was done.. I've been in a flu induced
coma of late, so I didn't really search too hard to be completely honest..

| More details on this bug are most welcome.

The problem turns up most violently within the XFree86 DRI Module, since
it now uses make_dev, and not mknod as it used to.

The DRI Module first attempts to mkdir /dev/dri/, and then for each card
it supports attempts to use make_dev(9) on dri/card%d (0-whatever), I've
only got one card, so for me dri/card0.

Loading the DRI module causes an instant panic (which I think is actually
caused by DRI, not DEVFS, it's still quite inconvenient).

The same module works fine with a 'regular' /dev/

Assuming that the mkdirs were failing on /dev/ with DEVFS I made a symlink
in rc.devfs for /dev/dri -> /usr/dev/dri (that's how I found the bug with
directory targets of symlinks being treated as symlinks...). This still
caused the panic (which is sort of understandable since /usr/dev/ isn't in

I remove the mkdirs and simply use make_dev on dri_card0 instead of dri/card0,
everything works like a charm. Using mknod also used to work fine with the 
symlink and DEVFS.

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