It seems Jim Bryant wrote:
> >>>>>Yups, reverting this, even in a newer kernel makes sound work again,
> >>>>>well the VIA support is still not sounding proberly, but it didn't
> >>>>>before as well so thats not related to this bogon...
> >>>>>
> >>>>Perhaps the bug in the chipset^wPCI-spec?
> >>>>
> >>>I dont think so, before the latest changes it worked just fine...
> >>>
> >>What's the problem? I didn't noticed anything.
> >>
> > It seems that there is either a slight pause, or random noise
> > between each DMA buffer played...
> > 
> > -Søren
> Was this chipset or motherboard-dependant?

That particualar problem is dependend on the VIA 82c686[ab] I'd say, 
but having no other sound HW right now, I really cant tell, I think
I've seen other sound HW with this problem too lately on the lists...

> Like I said, I had no problems running SMP and with a SB/Live!-Value...
> Current as of yesterday morning [6-7AMish CDT], Tyan S1696DLUA motherboard, 2 
>Pentium-II/333's, SB/Live! Value card. Did not produce 
> thse issues.

I'm pretty sure the problem with no sound due to jhb's commit mentioned
earlier hoses more than just the VIA chips...


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