David O'Brien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > > _But_ my vote would be for still having a "real" csh in
 > > /bin, additionally.  (And don't tell me that tcsh is a
 > > real csh -- it's not, see below.)
 > By chance have you looked at the csh source in the CSRG SCCS files?
 > How about the tcsh sources from "day 1" in its CVS repository?
 > Tcsh *is* a direct decendent of CSRG csh.  Christos Zulas maintined the
 > CSRG csh in the 4.4 days.

No doubt about that, but that's not the point.  Did you
read what i wrote further down in my message (what I
referred to by "see below")?

"Our" csh still behaves differently like any /bin/csh on
any other system that I know, and can't be easily made to
behave like them.

When I wrote "real csh", I meant a csh which exhibits the
traditional behaviour and user interface ("look and feel",
if you prefer) of a csh.  tcsh does not.  Someone used to
work with a "real csh" simply can't be happy with tcsh,
especially if he has to change frequently between using
FreeBSD and other systems.  It's a real PITA.


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