On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Matt Dillon wrote:

>    I'm posting this as an aid to everyone doing freebsd-current development
>    and testing and may not realize how easy it is to setup a development
>    environment.

I found this very helpful Matt, thank you.  I would only add one thing
that I do in addition to some of these NFS tricks.  The only machines at
home which I presently keep hard drives in are my file server, firewall,
and desktop.  Everything else netboots off of the file server.  This is
very convenient because I can keep multiple NFS roots around and simply
edit a text file, HUP a daemon, and power cycle a machine to alter which
OS and/or OS revision it's running.  Switched fast ethernet is more than
enough to keep up with this on the 10 or so machines I have up and
running at any given time.  It works quite well.

I will say though, on the subject of NFS, that one of the things that
I'm almost annoyed enough with to start hacking on is the BSDs lack of
autofs support.  Linux now has a kickass autofs automounter.  The BSDs
are, to the best of my knowledge, the only OS left without one.
Am-utils (the contrib source for our amd) has been kicking around autofs
support for a while now but still does not appear to have anything
release quality.  It's a nuisance to have to run special scripts to
parse your auto.* maps into stuff amd can understand in an NIS

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  There might be a
law against it by that time."   -- /usr/games/fortune, 07/30/2001

Brandon D. Valentine <bandix at looksharp.net>

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