On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Brandon D. Valentine wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Matt Dillon wrote:
[snip of diskless comments]

You wouldn't happen to have sample configs around, wouldn't you? :)
> I will say though, on the subject of NFS, that one of the things that
> I'm almost annoyed enough with to start hacking on is the BSDs lack of
> autofs support.  Linux now has a kickass autofs automounter.  The BSDs
> are, to the best of my knowledge, the only OS left without one.


> Am-utils (the contrib source for our amd) has been kicking around autofs
> support for a while now but still does not appear to have anything
> release quality. 

Am-utils, while being a quite complex piece of software, does fullfil
the task of "autofs". It does need extra configuration compared to
Linux's autofs though. For the record, I automount my cdr, cdrom, zip
and floppy drives (both in ufs and msdos mode) using this configuration

---8<--- Cut here [amd.mnt] -----8<--------
cdr             type:=cdfs;fs:=/cdr;dev:=/dev/cd0c;opts:=ro,nodev,nosuid
cdrom           type:=cdfs;fs:=/cdrom;dev:=/dev/acd0c;opts:=ro,nodev,nosuid
fat             type:=pcfs;fs:=/fat;dev:=/dev/fd0;opts:=nosuid,nodev 
flp             type:=ufs;fs:=/flp;dev:=/dev/fd0;opts:=nosuid,nodev
zip             type:=ufs;fs:=/zip;dev:=/dev/afd0;opts:=nosuid,nodev
zap             type:=pcfs;fs:=/zap;dev:=/dev/afd0s4;opts:=nosuid,nodev
---8<--- Cut here [amd.mnt] -----8<--------

---8<--- Cut here [amd.conf] -----8<--------
[ global ]   
normalize_hostnames =    no
print_pid =              no
restart_mounts =         yes
#auto_dir =               /n
log_file =               /var/log/amd
log_options =            all
#debug_options =         all
plock =                  no 
cache_duration  =        6  
dismount_interval =      20 
selectors_on_default =   yes
# config.guess picks up "sunos5" and I don't want to edit my maps yet
os =                     sos5
# if you print_version after setting up "os", it will show it.
print_version =          no  
map_type =               file
search_path =
browsable_dirs =         yes

[ /mnt ]
map_name =              amd.mnt
---8<--- Cut here [amd.conf] -----8<--------

I think I will dare opening a pr making this default config files. :)

> It's a nuisance to have to run special scripts to
> parse your auto.* maps into stuff amd can understand in an NIS
> environment.

I am not sure I completely understand that, but you must expect having
to reconfigure stuff to accomodate new software... I guess you want to
port autofs to fbsd, eh? :)


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