On 28-Aug-01 Matt Dillon wrote:
>     I'm posting this as an aid to everyone doing freebsd-current development
>     and testing and may not realize how easy it is to setup a development
>     environment.

Nice stuff and close to what I do (I just share a development sys tree over NFS
now).  One thing I do in regards to kernels is this, /boot/kernel/kernel is a
clean kernel, i.e. from a clean current source, not any of my development
trees.  Kernels in development trees use stuff like this:

makeoptions     KERNEL=smpng

in their kernel config files so I have /boot/smpng/kernel, /boot/test/kernel,
/boot/preempt/kernel, etc. for my development tree kernels.  This avoids
needing to keep a kernel.good around, as /boot/kernel/kernel is always ok.


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