On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 11:04:39PM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> It has been pointed out that the stumbling block is ~10 lines
> of Akpha assembly language code that Julian is asking that
> someone familiar with the Alpha write.
> Julian is not an Alpha assembly language guru.  In order to
> make these changes, he would have to do a lot of work, whereas
> someone who knew Alpha assembly language could do them very
> quickly.

Yes, but the proper approach would be:

    Dear Alpha guys,

    I've compiled all the C code on the Alpha, but I know the xyz.S file
    needs changing.  I don't know AXP asm to save my life, but here is
    the diff I had to do in the i386 xyz.S file:

        [ diff ]

    What this change does (for those AXP asm hackers that don't read
    Intel) is __________.   What would be the AXP change needed?

What we got:

    I've developed the proc splitting on i386 and it works for me.
    The diffs are at http://_______.  AXP hackers, go to it.

> I think asking him to do this without knowledge of register
> save/restore and allocation plocies of the FreeBSD Alpha port
> is rather unfair.

That is fine, but the -current AXP developers are a small lot.  They need
to have up-front leg work done, so the limited time they do have (where
many i386-only people are tugging at their sleeves) is well spent.

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