The most recent diffs applied nicely.
The kernel built nicely, as well.

But I could not mount an msdosfs partition, it bombed terribly.
I don't have any ouytput, though, sorry.

Ciao, derweil,

PS: Only two or three modules did not compile, ncp and smbfs(?) I think

> After doing a single buildworld of a normal tree,
> The best thing you can do to test it is just use is as much as possible
> as a replacement for your normal kernel, so that
> we can try out as many 'paths' through the kernel as possible.
> Everyone does a few buildworlds so that's quite tested..
> not a lot of Music gets played on it, or videos watched etc.
> (linux emulation for example)
> Try som ekernel modules after you have tried the same modules built in..
> that sort of thing..

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